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Autumn Gardens

Here at About Blooming Time, we have been flat out over the Summer. Our Clients have been fantastic, supporting small business time and time again.

Having such a consistently hot summer, especially during February and March, the gardens and lawns especially, have been needing constant maintenance to keep them in order.

Now that Autumn is upon us , April and May are the best months to replace the nutrients into your garden, as well as new planting to your garden. You may like to consider topping up your garden with nutrient rich soil, some fresh mulch and even planting new beautiful flowers and fruit and vegies.

If you are after a wonderful display of flowers, now is the time to plant. Plants such as Sweet Pea, which will take about 12-14 weeks to flower, and colourful Daisy’s will deliver some gorgeous blooms and scented flower, that you can cut for your home vase.

Lawns are also very important to maintain during Autumn and leading into Winter. People tend to forget that lawns are a plant to, and need just as much TLC as your other flowing plants, if not more. If you want to ensure healthy looking lawn and soil, the time is now!

For your average size lawn, most people can manage it. Unless you prefer an expert , like the staff at About Blooming Time, to happily keep your lawns looking wonderful, It is recommended that you do this once in Autumn/Winter and once Spring/Sumer.

If your soil is clay based, make sure to aerate your lawn. Driving a fork through the lawn will allow oxygen to penetrate the earth. This is beneficial for the root system and will help the rain penetrate the soil. As well as adding nutrients to the soil. If you follow some simple steps , this will assist in allowing your garden to look green and fresh, all year round.

Coming into Autumn, please feel free to call us at About Blooming Time, Make sure to get a head start on your garden prior to Winter setting in.

Happy Gardening!!

Posted on: March 30, 2017

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