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Category: Garden Ideas

The Importance of Mulching

Mulching your garden can assist in many ways. It adds nutrients to the garden, assists in keeping water in the garden bed and protects the plants root system by helping it not get to hot during summer …

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Autumn in Melbourne:Planting bulbs

Planting Bulbs In Australia the best time to plant bulbs is between April and May. The weather and soil has cooled down and it is the best time to plant, if you want to achieve flowering bulbs in spring. …

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Plant of the Month: Dietes

Common name:DietesBotanic name:Dietes iridioides Description:A clump-forming, rhizomatous perennial from South Africa. It has dark green, strappy foliage, which grows in fan-like rosettes. In spring it …

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Pruning is a very important garden skill. By pruning you encourage your plants to grow well and promote new growth and flowering. It also maintains the plant and keeps it looking good. It is also important …

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Spring/Summer Garden Maintenance

There is always something to do in your garden to maintain it and keep it healthy and looking beautiful.As summer is fast approaching, we start to think of how we can start to look better, looking after …

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