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Category: Plants

Autumn Gardens

Here at About Blooming Time, we have been flat out over the Summer. Our Clients have been fantastic, supporting small business time and time again. Having such a consistently hot summer, especially during …

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Snowdrops are a beautiful delicate flower that bloom in the middle of winter. They can add a beautiful touch to your garden during the colder months. They do well when planted in a shaded area that will …

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Plant of the Month: Freesia’s

Freesias also look great in your garden and now is the time to plant bulbs. Autumn has always been a great time to plant bulbs, however it can be a costly exercise if you are after a mass display of flowers. …

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Autumn in Melbourne:Planting bulbs

Planting Bulbs In Australia the best time to plant bulbs is between April and May. The weather and soil has cooled down and it is the best time to plant, if you want to achieve flowering bulbs in spring. …

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Plant of the Month: Dietes

Common name:DietesBotanic name:Dietes iridioides Description:A clump-forming, rhizomatous perennial from South Africa. It has dark green, strappy foliage, which grows in fan-like rosettes. In spring it …

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