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Category: Winter

Winter and Roses

July to August is the best times to prune your roses. Why? Because it will help reduce disease and by pruning you are essentially encouraging your plant to prepare for spring, encouraging it to produce …

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Snowdrops are a beautiful delicate flower that bloom in the middle of winter. They can add a beautiful touch to your garden during the colder months. They do well when planted in a shaded area that will …

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Plant of the Month: Bare Rooted Plants

Winter is the best time for planting. Planting now will give the best amount of time to establish before the hot summer season. You may notice in your nursery many “Bare rooted” plants being …

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MAY & Your Garden

Although it is cooler there is still plenty to do. The cooler weather and rain have increased and this creates perfect condition for planting new trees and shrubs. By planting now it allows the plant to …

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