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MAY & Your Garden

Although it is cooler there is still plenty to do. The cooler weather and rain have increased and this creates perfect condition for planting new trees and shrubs. By planting now it allows the plant to establish itself before the hot summer days come along.

Go around your garden and look at which plants may need extra care over the winter. Some plants may need to be covered with frost cloth, so that they are protected during the winter, or you may consider moving them to a covered area of your garden during this time. While other plants may need to be cut back in preparation for next spring.

May is also the best time to plant fruit trees and bare rooted plants. The cooler weather increases the moisture in soil, which allows fruit trees to establish its root system before the winter sets in, at which stage their growth will slow down.

Mulching during May is also important, especially under trees. This will help keep the soil warm during this period. However make sure not to put mulch near the stem of your tree as to avoid rotting.

Don’t forget to tidy up your containers thoroughly. Weed all pots and it is also a good idea to top up or completely refresh your potting mix. IF you replace your summer annuals with winter annuals, by refreshing your potting mix this will help the plants have a great display over the winter, adding colour to any entertaining area.

If you garden is lacking in colour during winter, you could always consider planting some winter flowering plants such as camellias, there are plenty varieties to choose from that will flower during the next few months.

Posted on: May 25, 2016

Category: Bare Rooted plants, Garden Maintenance, Gardening, Mulching, Winter