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Landscaping Ideas

When trying to work out what ideas to implement into your garden, there can be so many that sometimes more is less, and less is more. You may be in the process of having a builder re do your retaining …

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Garden Maintenance

Garden maintenance should be something that is considered as regular and ongoing basis. Just like the inside of your house. If you do a little often it will continue to look great and then it won’t …

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Garden Ideas

Winter has well and truly kicked in, and although getting out in the garden during this period is the last thing some of you may feel like doing, I thought you may need some inspiration. Today I thought …

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Garden care, About Blooming Time

Welcome to my first blog. Somewhat an overwhelming idea, we are coming in line and on line to showcase many things that I hope you find useful. This will be the start of many blogs, where we will hopefully …

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