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Pest Control in your garden

As spring has sprung in Melbourne the greening of the deciduous trees is rapidly happening. It is amazing to watch as in such a short space of time we have gone from a winter landscape of bare trees to the subtle change of colour. I could have sworn yesterday that I could actually see the leaves growing on an elm in one of the local parks.

With the onset of spring and the warming of the weather once again our friends the insect pests will be returning after over wintering.

The bane of my life and other gardeners is the mighty aphid, which will appear as soon as the weather starts to warm up and can take hold as quickly as in 1-2 days.

This insect pest is not plant host specific, with over three hundred different plants that it will feed on. By sucking it has the ability to transmit a wide range of disease and viruses between plants. So it’s time to put out the traps or start the spraying of plants with oils or pesticide chemicals.

Rose bush covered in aphids.


Traps work well and can also be used in conjunction with double sided tape around trunks of trees, to capture crawling insects, such as elm leaf beetle.
The use of Ecco oils and white oils on plants is great if you are there to apply it after rain, or weekly as required. By coating the surface of the plants with the oil it will form a barrier which prevents the insect from being able to feed.

The use of this oil from a gardener’s perspective, is that it requires constant use and the application rate presents a problem as we are usually at a property less frequently e.g fortnightly or monthly.

Therefore the use of systemic pesticides is usually the only option available to us. I am not a big fan of chemical pesticides but in the commercial world I don’t always have the luxury of being able to apply a manual approach to the eradication of the insect problem, so we have to use them.

Ideally weekly maintenance in your garden can alleviate many problems and continue to help make it look amazing over spring and summer.

Posted on: September 21, 2017

Category: Garden Care, Garden Maintenance