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Plant of the Month: Bare Rooted Plants

Winter is the best time for planting. Planting now will give the best amount of time to establish before the hot summer season.

You may notice in your nursery many “Bare rooted” plants being sold. You can buy nearly all deciduous plants bare rooted. What is bare rooted, you may ask? Well, it means just that! You can get everything from ornamental trees, fruit trees and roses as bare rooted.

Why bare rooted? Basically if you purchase bare rooted plants you may save yourself up to 50%, less than if they were in containers, so it is a more affordable option for many.

The best time to plant bare rooted plants are between May-August. After August, bare rooted plants are not available as the weather is getting warmer and the plants may start to shoot. Hence if you are interested in any bare rooted plants, now is the time.

When you plant, it is also a good idea to prune the tree, so that the tops match the root size, keeping it balanced.

When selecting bare rooted plants, it is also important to look over the plant to make sure there are no signs of damage and that you have a good, even branch structure. If there are any shoots emerging from the base these should be removed.

Make sure you plant your plant as soon as you get home to ensure you don’t damage the root system. It is important the roots remain moist.

When planting remove any diseased roots and plant the tress at the same level it was originally in the ground. You can tell by the colour difference at the base of the stem. Make sure not to fertilise your plant until spring when you tree starts growing.

There are many wonderful varieties of bare rooted plants to choose from. Give our team at About Blooming Time a call, and we can help get you started or even plant out your yard with bare rooted plants, ready for next season.

Posted on: May 25, 2016

Category: Autumn, Bare Rooted plants, Planting, Trees, Winter