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Plant of the Month: Freesia’s

Freesias also look great in your garden and now is the time to plant bulbs.

Autumn has always been a great time to plant bulbs, however it can be a costly exercise if you are after a mass display of flowers. A more economical way to achieve a winter/spring flower show each year would be to plant seeds.

Freesias are a resilient plant. They are a South African wildflower and produce beautiful delicate looking flowers along one side of the stem. Traditionally freesias are creamy colour, but they can also bloom in other shades, such as pink, red, purple and yellow.

If you choose to plant seeds rather than bulbs, your local nursery can advise you the best way to grow the freesia seed, to help obtain the best results.

If you choose to plant bulbs this can be done between February-June. Make sure you plant them 5-7cm apart. Freesias are suitable for potting and enjoy a full sun position in your garden. Your flower display will be in spring from July-October.

When your Freesias start to bloom, pick the flowers and enjoy them. By picking the flower you will also encourage new growth as well as keeping the plant under control. We do recommend to plant freesias in a contained area or large pot as they can easily over take sections of your garden and lawns much like a weed.

Make sure not to overwater your bulbs, only water if we have not had any rainfall and you notice the soil begin to dry out. If you over water your plants it can contribute to stressed and diseased plants. Of course always spray for pests and fertilise (refer to Feb/March blog) and it’s a good idea to add a layer of top soil after the shoots have appeared.

If you would like to encourage new plants, and more beautiful freesias, like many other bulb plants, every couple of years you can split off the newly formed bulbs and re-plant them in your garden or pots.

If you have any photos of your bulb plants or a photo of your wedding bouquets with freesias, we would love to see them. Share them on our Facebook page
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Happy Planting!

Posted on: April 19, 2016

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