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Pruning is a very important garden skill. By pruning you encourage your plants to grow well and promote new growth and flowering. It also maintains the plant and keeps it looking good.

It is also important to prune your trees and shrubs at the right time. Some plants are best to be pruned in winter, while others are best right after flowering.

Obviously many people prune their trees and shrubs to keep the size of the plant in control. Regular maintenance pruning can also be important. Regular pruning can assist by keeping pests and disease away from your woody plants. If there is dead wood on a plants or broken branches, pests and disease can easily gain entry and start to damage the plant.

But if you maintain those plants by cutting back branches, tips and stems, you will encourage new growth by keeping them healthy.

There are many ways to prune depending on your tree or shrub. But you can follow some simple guidelines, to show you where and when to cut. It is best to make a cut just above a viable bud. Cut on an angle, sloping away. If the plant is dormant, you need to cut above where the leaf was. There is a mark that will appear on the branch and you need to cut above this.

Always be careful not to cut too close or too far from the bud, as this will damage the plant and potentially kill the branch you pruned, and making it susceptible to disease. Or you could always call one of our friendly team, who can take all the hassle away and do the pruning for you.

Either way, always make sure to prune as it is an essential part to keeping a healthy looking garden.

Happy Pruning!

Posted on: March 3, 2016

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