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Snowdrops are a beautiful delicate flower that bloom in the middle of winter. They can add a beautiful touch to your garden during the colder months. They do well when planted in a shaded area that will not receive any direct sun. When planted at the base of trees and hedges, under deciduous trees such as magnolias.
They are a very hardy plants and the colder the weather the longer the flowers will last. They will do well in our Melbourne winter climate. Snowdrops can be grown in containers and also look great when planted randomly throughout your borders.

During summer snowdrops are dormant and sleep under the ground, however they will enjoy the summer shade during that period. They will look great mass planted, so you will receive the best display of flowers. They look beautiful along the edge of a path or a location that you can see from a window. It also pays to plant other plants around them, such as Hosta , around your snowdrops. This will protect the snowdrop bulb over the summer and you won’t forget that they are there under the ground and accidentally dig them up. The best time to plant snowdrops are in early autumn.

You can also use snowdrops as a cut flower, they just need a small vase, and will give you a beautiful display in your home.

Posted on: July 20, 2016

Category: Plants, Snowdrops, Winter