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Spring/Summer Garden Maintenance

There is always something to do in your garden to maintain it and keep it healthy and looking beautiful.
As summer is fast approaching, we start to think of how we can start to look better, looking after our bodies and eating better. What better way, than to consider planting your own sustainable garden. It will give you tasty healthy fruit and vegetables and looking after the garden will give you the workout you may need after the long winter.

November is the last month to be starting your fruit & vegie garden. Ideally, you would have liked to have planted your vegie gardens in September, when the days are still cool enough for a good garden workout.
Consider planting your own herb garden. Dill, chamomile, parsley, oregano, rosemary and sage. Plant some lemon balm and lemon thyme, even basil and lemon grass, these herbs are not only delicious in your cooking or summer drinks, but they also assist in keeping the mosquito’s away.

If you would like to make some tasty smoothies and drinks, then it’s time to plant some vegies packed with vitamins, such as capsicum, chilli, beetroots, carrots, cucumber, eggplants, lettuce, potatoes, pumpkins, leeks, silverbeet, squash, sweet corn and zucchini

Adding in some colour in the patch isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but will attract pollinators and other good things for your garden. Try some chamomile, petunias, snapdragons, phlox or marigolds.

It’s also a good time to top up your mulch on all your garden beds. Make sure you choose sustainable, low environmental impact mulch, that’ll enrich your soil as it breaks down

Before all of the hot weather arrives, it can be helpful to make a couple of shade cloth tents for your vegie garden to protect it from the harsh summer days.

Not only will all of this work give you a good workout, you will also be rewarded with some tasty fruit, vegetables and herbs over the next few months, to keep you inspired to create some healthy meals and drinks with all of the things you have grown. Happy planting!

Posted on: October 30, 2015

Category: Garden Care, Garden Ideas, Garden Maintenance