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The Importance of Mulching

Mulching your garden can assist in many ways. It adds nutrients to the garden, assists in keeping water in the garden bed and protects the plants root system by helping it not get to hot during summer months.

Mulching your garden beds, can perform a variety of functions in the garden, such as the following:
– It can assist in reducing some moisture loss from the soil surface
– Mulch can also assist by helping the soil surface not to dry out and crack.
– Can aid in suppressing weed growth
– There are a few different types of mulch that can add nutrients to the soil,
while the mulch breaks down, thus improving the soil structure.
– Mulch can also reduce run-off and soil movement from your garden beds.

There are a few different types of mulch that can be used on your garden bed. If you choose an organic mulch, over time these types of mulch will break down, adding nutrients to the soil. In some cases it also helps to add manure or blood and bone to the soil, prior to mulching.

Adding mulch to your garden once a year, is usually enough to keep help your garden moist and healthy in the hot weather.

Here at About Blooming Time, we tend to work with a mushroom mulch (three-way mix). We find that Mushroom mulch, is one of the best soil conditioners. The ingredients decompose well, so we either dig into the ground or spread over the top of the garden bed.

There are however various types of mulch you may like to choose. Such as Organic mulches, like the Mushroom Mulch, Inorganic mulch such as pebbles and stones, however these types do not improve the soil nutrients.

Whichever mulch you choose, it is important to do this at least once a year to help keep your garden healthy and looking great.

As we lead into summer, you also need to keep an eye out for Aphids and other pests that are coming around, refer to our blog on Aphids and how to handle them.

Garden maintenance during this period leading up to the Christmas, can be the busiest time of the year. Make sure to contact our office at About Blooming Time, to book in your garden prior to Christmas on
mb: 0422 730 507, and we will make sure to get your garden looking amazing and well maintained.

Posted on: November 24, 2016

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