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Winter and Roses

July to August is the best times to prune your roses. Why? Because it will help reduce disease and by pruning you are essentially encouraging your plant to prepare for spring, encouraging it to produce beautiful blooms for spring.

Roses need to be pruned twice a year. During summer you just need to snip off the dead flower, a few centimetres below the actual flower. This is known as “deadheading”. In winter however, roses need to be pruned right back. It is a common mistake not to prune your roses hard enough. Make sure to remove all of the old mess and cut back leaving the basic framework of your rose. This will allow your plant to renew itself, rewarding you with many flowers. So don’t be afraid and make sure to cut your roses back now.

Always make sure to remove all fallen leaves from the base of your rose trees, as infection from black spot disease spores can arise from fallen leaves, damaging your plant.

After you have pruned make sure to fertilise what you have pruned. It may also help to spray with lime sulphur while the plants have no leaves and are dormant. This will assist in getting rid of scale and other fungal diseases.

Don’t be daunted by pruning your roses. If you feel it’s too difficult a job, give our office a call at About Blooming Time and we can help you out. It will be well worth the effort come springtime.

Posted on: July 20, 2016

Category: Maintenance, Pruning, Roses, Winter