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Garden Makeover

You deserve a garden makeover

A garden makeover can make a huge difference to the health and look of your garden without costing the earth. If you’re wanting a refresh, some new ideas or simply a good tidy up and makeover of your existing garden, please get in touch.

The team at About Blooming Time provides a range of garden makeover services including:

  • Native planting
  • Drought resistant species
  • Particular styles or plant groups
  • Making more or less space for lawn
  • Lawn, turf or grass makeovers
  • Building up or improving garden beds

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Beautify your garden without the expense of landscaping or re-design

The real appeal of garden makeovers is how much can be achieved without the expense, time and hassle of a complete landscaping overhaul.

Garden makeovers can be done any time of year and for any reason but we do find they are especially popular for:

  • Change of season
  • Special event
  • House renovation
  • Preparing house for sale
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