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Why our horticulture services make the world of difference to your garden

It’s one thing to mow a lawn or pull up some weeds and keep a garden tidy. But if you want your garden to look beautiful all year round and also to be as healthy and vigorous as possible, you will benefit from horticulture services and advice from a specialist in horticulture.

This is one of the big differences and unique service offerings that About Blooming Time is able to provide. Advice and assistance from our in house horticulturist includes:

  • Advice about what to plant, where and when
  • Specialised expertise in native planting
  • Identify and address plant diseases and problems
  • Soil testing and analysis
  • Up to date information about any horticultural query or issue

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Knowledge embedded into everything we do

You don’t have to book a specialised horticulture services consultation to reap the benefits of our knowledge and experience. Every service provided by About Blooming Time is designed and implemented with the benefit of our unique horticultural expertise. This means that every task, from edging your lawn to pruning a hedge, installing irrigation systems to garden makeovers, is done with a level of experience, care and professionalism that sets us apart. Ensure the quality of work and get increased confidence in your own gardening knowledge with the team at About Blooming Time.

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