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Irrigation systems that balance garden needs with responsible water use

Keeping your garden sufficiently irrigated is crucial to its long term health. In a climate like Melbourne’s, which is generally temperate but can have extreme heat in summer and long, cold winters, you really need to get on top of irrigation and get it right.

Importantly, you also need to consider responsible water use, particularly during times of low rain or drought conditions.

About Blooming Time has years of experience with every different kind of irrigation and watering system. Our garden irrigation services include:

  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Irrigation repair
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Advice about watering for different plants and different times of year

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Life is easier with professional irrigation advice and services

This is one job that can be a real hassle to do on your own. With our expert advice and service you won’t have to worry about irrigation or watering at all and can simply enjoy the benefits of a beautiful garden – all year round.

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