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Pruning and Trimming

Hedge, bush and tree trimming and pruning services

Trimming and pruning is one of those tasks that needs constant maintenance to stay on top of. With all best intentions it can also be a challenge to know:

  • What to prune and when
  • How much to trim and prune from bushes, hedges and trees
  • How to keep unwanted growth under control
  • How best to encourage new growth

At About Blooming Time we actually take proper time to assess your garden and to talk with you about what you want to achieve.

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Tree trimming and tree pruning

We can trim and prune trees up to a certain height but we do not offer tree felling or tree lopping services for very tall trees. We can recommend a qualified and competent arborist.

What we can do is provide expert, horticultural advice about all trees on your property so you know what to trim and prune, how often and when. And we can provide basic tree trimming and tree pruning for you.

Hedge and bush trimming and shaping

This level of care is what sets ordinary gardens apart from spectacular. There is nothing as satisfying as a perfectly trimmed and shaped hedge and bushes that are just the right shape and size for your garden.

It’s time consuming and also physically demanding to stay on top of this. So we recommend you get in touch with us today on 0422 730 507 to arrange a quote and see how we can make your life easier and your garden more beautiful.